Program Philosophy and Goals

We understand children learn best by doing. Our program offers a wide range of coordinated activities from which to select developmentally appropriate activities for their own group of children.

What Your Child Will Be Doing

Our program is developed around several themes every month. Each month’s program includes a wide range of activities such as those described below.

Language Activities - circle-time activities allow children to share in discussions of experiences and concepts with which they are familiar, as well as to introduce new ideas.

Large Muscle Activities - these activities help children to develop physically in a setting where fun and cooperation are emphasized, rather than competition.

Number Recognition - and other math concepts, such as size, shape, counting, and one to one correspondence, are introduced.

Listening Skills - our program includes many stories, activities which require following directions, and opportunities for interaction with other children through language and listening.

Creative Art Activities - your child will participate in many activities which provide experience with a wide range of art mediums, such as paints, play dough and other material for sculpting.

Craft Activities - your child will bring home many examples of craft activities. These help children to learn to follow step by step instructions, develop listening skills, and manipulate a wide range of materials. They serve as fun reminders of other activities and concepts learned or used throughout the day. Many of these creations, such as puppets and crafts with moveable parts, offer opportunities for creative play when the craft itself has been assembled.

Music and Rhythm - our program provides many opportunities for your child to learn new songs each month, and for rhythm and creative movement activities. You'll receive copies of the songs on the backs of the activity pages which the children bring home. This will allow you to learn the songs along with your child.

Alphabet Activities - our curriculum offers an excellent alphabet program. Its purpose is to introduce your child to the way that letters are used in words, and the way that words are used in our world. Emphasis is on letter recognition. The program includes many fun activities which help to increase letter recognition and the enthusiasm for books and reading.

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All of ABC Great Beginnings programs are licensed by the State of Utah, which is something not all child care centers and preschools in the Salt Lake City region can say.

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ABC Great Beginnings provides expertly designed programs and child care for Salt Lake City area children ages six weeks through twelve years.

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ABC Great Beginnings also provides before- and after-school care for school-age children, summer programs,, and extra activities such as puppet shows, magic shows, and individual and class portraits.
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